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Friday, May 17, 2013

Training social media, identity, Drupal, and more - free!

Social Media Today

  • What Is a Social Media Expert? Professional Development in an Evolving Field  May 28th at 12pm EST / 9am PST
    • What makes you or your colleagues more qualified than the next Facebook user to advise or execute on social media? A relatively new communication tool, which is itself built on the ability of of just about everyone to participate, creates challenges when it comes to defining expertise. How can you keep learning in order to stay ahead in the ever-evolving social media ecosystem?
    • A growing number of courses and events promise credits and certifications in social media, and we often get asked to recommend the best resources in training and education. Join us as we help future-proof you as a social media expert, exploring issues like:
    • How should social media professionals define and describe their qualifications?
    • What are the advantages of online training vs. in-person?
    • What about learning socially vs. one-on-one?
    • Which conferences focus on training and development and not free cocktails?
    • Which professional schools and graduate programs offer valuable social marketing and communications material?

ACQUIA (Drupal)

Drupal Training: Configure Accounts in Drupal

  • Creating roles and adding users
  • Account configuration
  • Permissions best practices
  • Improving login & permissions management
  • Profile configuration and display

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