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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Push IG photos into ANY facebook page album and how to get an archive of instagram

Remember IFTTT? The worldest coolest little scripting tool for all sorts of magic? Well, here is my post about how to get started with IFTTT - IF This Then That

If you're like me and been completely frustrated by the fact that your Instagram pix do not actually live at Facebook - it's just an embedded slideshow sort of thing, which while nifty is NOT an album. I kept thinking I would get around to figuring it out because for me it is 2 parts: getting the earlier pix in a Facebook album (the archive) and then starting the process for the new ones.

Let's start with the new stuff first - pushing our instagram pix into a Facebook page album.
IFTTT to the rescue. Seriously? Why didn't I think of this earlier? Anyhow you can search through recipes to look for what you need (one caveat: pages and personal account posting is a bit different so make sure to get the right recipe).. and remember, IFTTT calls widgets/scripts = recipes... so here is my recipe ( with directions!

Before you start:
  • You need a IFTTT login/account (it's free)
  • Instagram app/login
  • Facebook account/login
Click on the dropdown menu to activate your Facebook channel (i.e., set publishing permissions between Instagram and Facebook):

Click Activate (if it appears):

Click OK.... (note: you are told what kinds of information might be accessed)

Set audience for your personal timeline (if needed/desired). You can also set it to public.

Set your page access

Note: It's all pages - no choosing individual pages. 

Success! (At least the first part!) 

Step 2: Configuration:
Photo URL. Leave it as the default.

Set up the description for your photo post. The default is caption and URL. If you want to add the Created Date, click on the + , choose Created Date, and then click "Add Ingredient" (remember ingredients are just bits of information, more or less, metadata)

Create the album for your instagram images. To change the name, click on the album name space. Again, you can add ingredients here as well, for example, you want your IG URL to appear on the album description. Finally, click on Use Recipe to get started.

Note: You can test it by posting to instagram. 

So, next step...

I dug around in the the instagram apis (the console is really useful) but it was going to be a LOT of work to get all images because IG throttles the results, so you have to keep adding pagination until you get everything. You can read more about how to do that, here. PIA.  

Easier answer, download all of your IG pix, using Instaport and the upload them to your new folder. Yay!

Sign in using your Instagram and allow access.

Choose your export options: All my photos (if you want everything)

Once you have downloaded your archive, unzip it, and upload it to the new album you created above for IG! Voila -- though you may need to edit your descriptions, etc. 

1 comment:

Sneezy said...

I use to create personal archives of everything I can into Google Drive. Twitter, Instagram, blog posts.

Just like backing up my computer, but for my content placed online.

The main problem though, is one often has to be posting in public for these methods to work.