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Friday, August 30, 2013

The autographer - a camera that records extra data (metadata)

I'd love to give an Auotgrapher camera a try.  How could a camera that records temperature, speed,compass (direction), motion,  GPS and time be used? Really interesting idea isn't it? It could add a whole new range of contextual information to videos and photography. Although I do wonder if you would need an altimeter or if the GPS and compass to know the altitude. What about a waterproof or coldproof version (would be very useful)? Do these extra sensors record additional EXIF metadata (geo and some metadata is already used by some sites like Flickr and Picasa but what would happen to the rest)?

I read that the majority of all phones in Japan are waterproof (read more here and here). I've never understood why our technology is so physically fragile (see everything> Apple). GoPro and others understand that is not how many of us live - we're doing things and we need a camera that can as well. Surely phones can step up as well.

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Sneezy said...

A great use is science. Say you are out in the woods looking to confirm the existence of a bird thought extinct, precise GPS and other physical measurements at the time the photo is taken would help.

Similar might be forensics for the police. Or journalists.