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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Celebrating open access (quick overview) and links

Do you what openaccess is and why it is important? Openaccess can save time in preparing instructional materials through reducing barriers to sharing educational content and research. Openaccess can provide new collaboration opportunities for faculty and students. Openaccess can provide new educational resources to students and faculty. "Peter Suber characterizes the core concept of open access this way: open access removes "price barriers" (e.g., subscription fees) and "permission barriers" (e.g., copyright and licensing restrictions) to "royalty - free literature" (i.e., scholarly works created for free by authors), making them available with "minimal use restrictions" (e.g., author attribution)". The repository in development at ATC that is funded by the TAACCCT grant is supporting those goals. Read more about Openaccess #openaccess #scholarship #educationresources #Highered

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