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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Facebook news feed change: bumping stories and the curse of the meme

Facebook Tip: Starting in August, Facebook started mixing older stories ('most relevant') in with new stories in feeds. So, if you have your feed set to "Sort: Most recent", you may be seeing older posts.

"Facebook announced a couple small changes to the way that the site decides order in News Feed: Story Bumping, which allows engaging posts you haven’t seen to be bumped up to the top of News Feed later in the day, and Last Actor, which takes into account the last 50 engagements a user has performed, and gives those users a slight bump up in News Feed ranking."

More here:

(Facebook is also penalizing folks who post a lot of "low quality" which includes memes).


Sneezy said...

This article makes it sound like an unseen story from earlier in the day gets bumped if I had not seen it. This means a user like me who typically scrolls through everything all the way back to the last time I looked should never have the story bumping problem.

Yet I get see a few every day. One status update with 50+ comments I read Sunday appeared 2 more times for me Monday. That is not uncommon for anything where others comment over time. I have even seen some years old pop up when someone responds to it a year later.

Unknown said...

It seems that is what facebook is implying but I also see really old items in my feed and in fact, it seems to be increasing. Another thing I've been reading about a LOT is that Facebook is penalizing (ranking them low) posts from 3rd applications. Facebook has not said they are doing it (or clearly confirmed that they are), but there have been lots of posts and articles indicating it to be so.