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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Notes from #gagetssocial / Social Media/Communications conference

Those of you who know me, know that if I'm not presenting or swamped with work, I like to take notes at conferences. If nothing else it gives me an opportunity to reflect on what I've learned. 

On that note, here are my notes from the #gagetssocial , Communications Conference on Social Media sponsored by TCSG and USG. 

I know it was a big effort and I LOVE (LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE) the collaboration between TCSG and USG. We need more of this (I'd love to see a New Technologies in Education Conference that is a collaboration of both highlighting new technologies in use). Thank you to everyone involved.

My reflections:
  • LOVE this conference scope
  • LOVE this collaboration - we need more of this - the world is much smaller!
  • All speakers mentioned 1) know your audience  2) quality content 3)Not all sites may work for everyone
  • Mostly focused on twitter, facebook; smattering of instagram and youtube; less extent pinterest, vine; snapchat; no mention of tumblr, reddit
  • Conference suggestions:
    • Would like to have seen more stories of positive impact
    • Tips for writing/finding quality content
    • TCSG underrepresented in presentations but overall good representation at conference; Really would have loved a panel discussion with representation between TCSG/USG/big/small focused on success stories and case studies.
    • Although very important and informative topics, the conference was a little heavy on policy, management, and enforcement 

One thing I have been reading about which is very different from the “unified voice” approach that many of the speakers mentioned was the concept of the liquid self as presented by Snapchat and most recently MIT’s article: Very interesting thoughts...

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