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Friday, July 18, 2008

Copyright, RSS, & more

Apparently today is copyright day...

Given that I use RSS feeds to pull my content into other sites (facebook, my portfolio, etc.), I sometimes get caught up in the ease of use and forget that RSS is a really a form of syndication.

Hmm... today I came across this interesting post via my google reader: a brief discussion of some of the issues surrounding copyright and RSS.

So, if I don't allow sharing of my images in my image gallery, but then I crosspost them via RSS, I should probably make sure I have a copyright statement in the feed, too(?) I do allow some selected image usage licensed under creative commons for some of my work at flickr (images which do not live in my image gallery). Sigh, it's all very complicated.

On the other hand (and in another mailbox), I received a link to the nifty copyright slider, i.e., a online tool to check the potential copyright clearance needed...and really, if you are still confused about creative commons, may I suggest this (again):

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