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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Learn a new language with Babbel (not babelfish)

I think this sounds like a really interesting way to learn a language -- social networking & multimedia style! Mashable has a good overview & review here:
Babbel is the latest site to teach new languages through a social Web-based immersion program, where the majority of the content is packaged into lessons created by Babbel. So far, languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, English, and German are supported. Each lesson package contains material pertaining to a different theme, such as travel or business, so you can learn a series of words and phrases within context.
Although I do like that the information is presented in multiple ways as it SHOUlD create a richer learning environment appealing to a variety of learning styles, I didn't find a lot in the way supporting documentation, research, etc. on the site. It seems to be all about language and play... but hey if it works (but how will they know?)

I also wonder if they will expand to other languages -- seems like kind of a short list, hmm?


Anonymous said...

Babbel is an extraordinary site...I signed up last week and have been enjoying the site ever since. Learning German online has been a great experience so far and I have an abundance of tools at my finger tips on the web. myngle and edufire seem to be 2 other sites that could potentially help me out with German.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of great sites similar to Babble popping up. One that hasn't been mentioned is LiveMocha, it's a good one too. Of course I'm a bit partial to, though!
For your Customized Language Learning Experience!

Unknown said...

Thanks Sandra, I'll take a look at edufire.