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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fix facebook feed -- facebook "enhancements"

So, if you logged in to facebook over the weekend you saw that FB has wreaked havoc on your feed, greatly impacting the information you send out to your friends and what you see from your friends. Friend spam! I love it (not really.....) Of course, along with the bad is some good options. Potentially LOTS more control over what you share (or do not share).

Unless you update your FB settings, when you friend a person (or are tagged in a photo or a host of other activities) , all of your friends (unless they have hidden you -- and what's the real point of that?) now see a note about the activity in their feed. FB has also changed the feed to include more info from friends, but it is limited to a random (at least, I've read it is random) 250 friends. If you have less than 250 friends, you should see everybody.

This enhancement caught a lot of people by surprise including me (I was presenting and demoing Facebook and it was changing as I was showing it!) The feed can be edited to include everybody (there should be an 'edit feed' link on the lower right of the home page, but I haven't had any luck getting it to display).

The other settings can be edited under
Settings>Privacy Settings>News Feed and Wall

Regarding changing the feed to include more than 250 -- perhaps, because I do not have more than 250 friends, I will not see this option until I reach that treshold. I really don't know, I tried the "fix" and it didn't work for me, but does for others. The important part seems to be clear your cache, and privacy out of your internet browser.

Here is a video demonstrating what to do to fix the 250 treshold

Here is a great NYT article about what facebook is doing!

...and here is my presentation about facebook privacy (which I did last week before these changes hit). In a nutshell> check your privacy settings. What YOU POST (BROADCAST) is not what you SEE (news feed).

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