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Thursday, June 10, 2010

remove background in google -- did this pass usability testing? really?

If you've been to google today, you got to see a hideous background image -- pretty, but impossible to read the font. Want to replace with the default google page? Sorry you are out of luck -- at least for today. However you can choose a plain white image from Editor's picks which changes the background to plain ol' white background -- well sort of. The google logo will be white too.

On the lower left of the screen: Change background image
Click on Editor's Picks

Click Select.

There ya go, better than nothing, I suppose.

I'm all for creativity and customization, but I already use a google theme and all of these images clash terribly! So, this one goes under BAD IDEAS in my book. Usability testing, peeps! Give users a way to opt out and/or reset to something more plain, especially since different users have different needs, including interpreting visual information.


robin said...

Wow, that didn't even last 12 hours.
google is back to normal.

Andy Dustman said...

Google said it was a boo-boo (missing link).

robin said...

I am surprised that it went live like that...and google even apologized. well, sort of. LOL