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Saturday, October 23, 2010

LibraryAnywhere rolls out as an iphone app

In case you haven't heard about this (some of us have chatted in my lib about this), it really looks cool.

Library Anywhere, a mobile catalog for everyone (and they just rolled out a new iphone app too)

Following on our announcement of Shelf Browse, here’s another new product. We think this one’s a pretty big deal.

Announcing Library Anywhere! Check it out on our ALA handout (available here).

* A mobile catalog for any library, up and running in minutes.
* Mobile web and apps for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.
* Cheaper than you’d guess.
* Search, place holds, and more.
* Showcase hours, branches, and events.
* No installation process.
* Works with 90% of current OPACs.
* Comes with an “accessible version” that provides a fully Section 508-compliant version of your existing catalog.

Unlike Shelf Browse, available now, Library Anywhere is “coming soon.” So, we’re looking for beta libraries.

Iphone app

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