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Monday, December 6, 2010

eink, ereader, tablets, hybrids, oh my! what do I buy?

my shopping list:

  • definitely need color screen for video and photos.
  • speaking of photos ... need a built in camera.
  • not too big, not too little (10.2 inches seems about right
  • not too heavy or thick
  • dualcore processor think is a necessity
  • wifi possibly bluetooth
  • usb
  • SD card slots
  • Less than 1000$
  • eink
  • keyboard (external usb keyboard ok)
  • flash support (til the web world catches up with HTML5)
Will use it for:
  • reading
  • watching movies
  • email
  • social gaming
  • running presentations at conferences
  • perhaps, uploading photos to flickr
  • travel!
So, what do I buy (or someone wants to send me products to test I will definitely review)


Brian said...

I am really interested in Notion Ink's Adam, particularly because of the Pixel Qi display. I've been following the CEO's blog and I think it will be released in the next few months. The price should be below $500.

robin said...

thanks. I'm getting a dell duo tablet to use as a netbook/laptop replacement, but I will want a proper reader at some pt I think.