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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Academic library (UGA) presentations at COMO - green libraries, social media, tenure, metadata, RDA & more

 UGA Librarians at COMO.

Building a Green Library: Lessons Learned from Three Georgia Academic Libraries
Three Georgia library directors, Gene Ruffin, Loren Pinkerman, and Bill Potter, will discuss the opportunities and challenges involved in building an environmentally sustainable or "green" building.
Virginia Feher(UGA), Gene Ruffin, Bill Potter(UGA), Loren Pinkerman

One Size Fits No One: Unique Embedded Librarian Programs in Georgia Universities
Academic librarians at universities large and small are embedding—are you? Ginger Williams, Sandra Riggs(UGA), Kaye Guterman

Trends in Faculty Roles, Promotion and Tenure: A Discussion
Come take part in a discussion of issues of vital importance to academic librarians.
Fred Smith, Alan Bernstein, Lorene Flanders, Cathy Jeffrey, Susan Morris(UGA)

How Libraries are Supporting and Promoting Undergraduate Research
Learn how four university libraries support the needs of undergraduate researchers while boosting the profile of the  libraries and GALILEO resources by offering awards and exposure for excellence in undergraduate research and scholarship.
Caroline Barratt(UGA), Laura Burtle, Julie Speer, Amy Buddie

Maximizing Your Social Media Presence: Tools and Tips to Save You Time and Effort
Think you don't have time for social media? Wonder how people seem to be online 24/7? Learn the secrets to maximizing your social media with less effort. (Robin Fay - me)

Navigating the Job Search Process
For job seekers or anyone who wants to update their job hunting skills—discuss cover letters, resumes, public speaking and more!
Christian Steinmetz, Jan Hudson(UGA)

Making the Leap: Transitioning from Paraprofessional to Professional Librarian
This panel discussion will provide practical advice and insight for paraprofessionals who are considering library school as well as for recent library school graduates who are seeking a professional position.
Virginia Feher(UGA), Viki Timian(UGA), Rita Spisak, Kara Mullen, Charles Bennett

PBCore 2.0: Understanding an Updated Metadata Scheme for Audiovisual Resources
Everything you need to know about PBCore 2.0, the newly revised metadata standard for description of audiovisual resources. Mary Miller(UGA)

Usage and Identity for the Branch Library
An examination of user needs in, and how users and administrators identify branch libraries. Michael Law (UGA)

Panel Discussion: The Impact of RDA on Georgia’s Libraries
Hosted by the GLA Technical Services Interest Group, this panel discusses the impact of the Library of Congress’ decision on the implementation of RDA from the perspective of academic and public librarians in Georgia.
Linh Uong Jolanta Radzik, Armin Siedlecki, Elaine Hardy, Suzanne Graham(UGA), Kelly Holt(UGA)

Answering Legal Reference Questions
Learn internet resources and effective strategies to help you answer legal-related reference questions in a non-law library setting with skill and confidence. Wendy Moore, Maureen Cahill

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