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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tip: How to get rid of top stories in Facebook

Updated 10/19: Note: While this worked for a while, it no longer seems to, what is still working
is manually creating a list of all friends and just read that. It is chronological and not by top stories (thankfully!) Of course you have to select the list when you login.

[older workaround > let me know if it starts working for you] 
This was passed along to me by a fellow Facebook user and it works (for now)!

When logged in to Facebook, type this URL into your address box:

Or you can just bookmark that url and login that way. 

(Note, Facebook will not save this, so you will need to do it every time).Unfortunately, it is temporary. If you go "home" or logout, you're right back to top stories.

Other ideas to get rid of the top stories and manage your feed:

you're welcome.

more ideas to fix the news feed here


Anonymous said...

No, it isn't true. This may have been true at one point but the top stories still display above the timeline now.

Facebook likes to annoy their users to see how much crap they will take. Now that everyone and all their friends are on FB they know it will take a while for everyone to convert to Google. Remember MySpace? So we sit here and take it. But we, their audience, is what makes advertisers flock to them. So we basically provide them with advertisers and they in return annoy us for providing them an income. NOTHING is free. If I am surfing Facebook, then they are making money. All these pennies add up.
Facebook needs to allow users to choose if they want top stories or not. I personally think they are crap put there just to annoy me.

Unknown said...

Yes, that's true. It no longer seems to work although it did for several weeks. Not sure why it doesn't still work, but unfortunately, it doesn't. What I've done which DOES work is to create a group of all of my friends and I just read that. It is chronological and not by top stories (thankfully!) Of course I have to select that when I login.

Anonymous said...

This is how you get rid of top stories on your news feed.

Sort stories
Use the Sort menu in the top right of your News Feed to choose which stories you see first. Choose Recent Stories First to see stories in the order they were posted, or choose Highlighted Stories First to see the most interesting stories at the top of your News Feed.

Found this info in the Facebook Help Center. Hope it helps! :)

Read more:

Unknown said...

Yes, they just are rolling that out to people, so finally facebook is listening to their audience. Not everyone has that feature yet.

just as a point of reference this was written a while ago (september 2011) and while I don't mind updating it through comments, I do write a new post when things change.

Unknown said...

btw, to see all of my poats about facebook just search facebook in the search box or click on the facebook tag below this entry.