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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Peekyou, search across the web, social media & more

peerindex (a reputation management/metrics site) has launched a new search engine called peekyou (

It searches across facebook, linkedin, twitter, friendster, myspace, several people search engines (intellius, spokeo, etc.) and even wikipedia. Results include email addresses, phone numbers, documents, web sites, and public records (although some of those results are offered through paid services like through peoplesearch or spokeo).

An interesting idea even though search filtering is rather limited.

For those of you interested in privacy, according to the website:
PeekYou will:
1. Index only public web content
2. Always respect the user privacy preferences of social networks
3. Allow individuals to opt-out from its service simply and easily

PeekYou will not:
1. Purchase app/developer data from social platforms
2. Index an individual's medical or financial information
3. Knowingly work with any individual or business that violates these rules

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