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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One family's digital archive (& mine too!)

Really interesting story of one family's attempt to digitize and archive their photographs (  but what I found most interesting is that their challenges mirror what my family has been through with this process. I also found it interesting that they decided to use Picasa (Google software) for image editing. Both Picasa and Flickr support and retain metadata which is wonderful. 

 Of course the third party site where you host the images may or may not (Facebook strips image metadata as does many other sites). 
Dad (17 years old) on the aircraft carrier
 Independence (photo courtesy of mom!)

My family starting digitizing old photos many years ago housing them in The problem now is the long res / bad scans of some of those early attempts combined with silo'd metadata and images.

 At least with Facebook you can batch download your data and materials. Apparently there is NO batch downloading feature with My uncle also has a whole archive of slides. I really hope to scan and digitize those one day. One thing at a time, right?

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