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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Talking about metadata for images & literacy standards, linked data and semantic web for libraries,

Just a quick update - so much going on professionally this Fall. Teaching, teaching, teaching for Lyrasis (I hope to be teaching on linked data and semantic webby goodness soon plus the usual standards), just picked up reviewing articles for GLQ, chapter  in prepub (When do I have time to be professionally active?) coming out in Time Organization for Librarians: Beating Budget and Staff Cuts to be published by Scarecrow Press (2013), Semantic Web Technologies and Social Searching for Librarians now available, and 3 presentations/2 workshops/bootcamp (conferences: Information Literacy; COMO; GeekEnd; DrupalCamp coming up. I think I may have 1 more proposal for the Fall, if I can remember when the IT Conference is at RockEagle. Yeah, there is a reason I wrote a chapter entitled, "When do I have time to be professionally active?" ;-) (Promise it is NOT all on the weekend, tho bootcamps often are).

So, here are the topics for the presentations:

Making the digital connection: linkeddata & libraries (COMO)
Linked data and libraries are hot topics, not only for staff in archives, institutional repositories, and digital/web initiatives, but also for catalogers, with FRBR and RDA hovering on the horizon. In this session, Robin Fay (UGA), Laura Akerman (Emory University), and Doug Goans (Ga Tech) will introduce linked data, explore some linked data library related projects and resources, and discuss how linked data and open data fits in with the Semantic Web.

Participants will:
*Gain a basic understanding of linked data
*Discover new library projects
*Gain a better understanding of how linked data will drive our future systems and how it fits into the future of the web -- the semantic web

Title: Metadata Makes the World Go Around: an Introduction to Metadata in a Web-Based World (COMO)
Did you know metadata is everywhere? Did you know that you are a metadata creator? This fun & dynamic intro to metadata explores how data drives the web, devices (mp3 players, etc), library catalogs and more, and how we create and edit that metadata.

Participants will:
*Gain a better understanding of how data drives the web
*How devices and platforms work together
*Basic introduction including terminology for metadata, the semantic web, and linked data

Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy
Visual Literacy in a Digital Age  
What is it? Does it involve social media and if so how? How can we use visual literacy in all of our teaching and training? Explore visual literacy, focusing on the new ACRL visual literacy standards, especially as relates to digital media hosted on sites such as Flickr, Youtube and the Internet Archive.

 Participants will leave with a better understanding
visual literacy standards and the basics of multimedia related metadata, as well as ideas for incorporating multimedia into teaching and training.  

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