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Monday, May 6, 2013

Nooks open up to any android app!

 Perhaps, this is the beginning of a standard format for ebooks and better access for ebooks and readers. YES!

"So with one fell swoop, in the form of a software update being rolled out today, B&N is eliminating that downside. It’s giving both Nooks the Google Play stores for apps, music, movies and books, plus key Google apps which the tablets have lacked until now: Chrome, Gmail and YouTube. (Google’s policies for its apps are an all-or-nothing proposition for device makers — if they want Google Play, they also have to pre-install Google’s apps.) New Nooks sold at Barnes & Noble’s bookstores and elsewhere will also carry the updated software.
The bottom line: if something’s available for Android, it’s now available for Nook, assuming it’s compatible from a technical standpoint. Among other things, that means you’ll be able to install Amazon’s Kindle app on a Nook and read books you’ve purchased from Amazon. For the first time, the notion of someone with a heavy investment in Kindle books buying a Nook doesn’t sound completely impractical."

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