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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Global Change Queue (Batch edit) @ELUNA 2103 notes

Global Data Change Queue Notes (many batch edit presentations)

What can GDC do?
  • Can edit marc tags, fields
  • can delete, edit, add
  • can set preferences
  • can limit by user names including create rules but not implement - so some one person could create rules but someone else has authority to run; can define by user role what can be edited (R note could be useful for a review/test  process)
  • all records must have ____ (specific criteria; R note in the case of POs 910 = PA + lacking 245 indicators )
  • like a global find and replace (R note: YES! yes! So, could fix typos in 5xx fields! or invalid MARC tagging in PO ; looks useful)

How to do it:
  • create record set (R note: we could use old provisional records with incorrect marc indicators as a test)
  • RULE: create a rule use if/then statements
    • further define rules through sets  - (R note: daisy chain together) to edit multiple fields - one rule for each field but then change them
  • Preview /Review before change
    • Will highlight changes
    • Jump through set of records (e.g., 10 records at a time - your choice)
    • If you find something that doesn't belong, you can remove it manually during preview
    • If rule doesn't work, you will get a notice
    • Update or review changes before you actually run
Run job or schedule

More powerful/easier to use than marcedit

More examples - updated authorized headings (RDA)
fixed fields
add OCLC #s
cleanup recon
add/remove standard notes
changed locations - pick and scan for item tho (of course you have to have the barcode.... but you don't have to have piece - R note) doesn't interfere with cataloging work - because whoever has record open has it (“locked” sort of) ; can schedule

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