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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OCLC/WorldCat discussion paper on RDA

Many points of interest in the OCLC discussion paper on RDA including  how catalogers may  use OCLC records postRDA implementation:

Proposed Future Cataloging Policy for Member Contribution to WorldCat after RDA Implementation

  • Catalogers are not required to update or upgrade existing records to RDA.
  • Catalogers may re-catalog items according to RDA if it is considered useful. Such recataloging should only be done with access to the item. All descriptive fields would need to be reconsidered and revised to conform to RDA instructions. The revised record would then be changed to Desc (Leader/18) coded as c or i as appropriate with 040 $e rda added.
  • Catalogers may update individual fields in pre-RDA records to reflect RDA practices if it is considered useful. Fields involving the transcription of data require access to the item in order to change transcribed data. The partially changed record would retain the indication of the rules under which it was initially cataloged, i.e., no changes would be made to the coding of Desc (Leader/18) and 040 $e would not be added or changed.Catalogers should use access points as established in the authority file, whether those forms are coded as RDA or AACR2.
The paper in full is available

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